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Ville 2019-04-26

My order just arrived today and I’m super happy with the product :) Really beats my old vaporizer. Cool design and a compact size also makes it a great purchase :) thanks again Vaposhop :)

Nospa 2019-04-21

Discrete and very convenient design.Smart function and temperature control.With a tight packaging the herbs are vaped properly giving to you a full of taste experience.The cleaning process is simple,due to the disposal parts.I would recommend occasional cleaning of the chamber and the inner parts to maintain PAX 3 at its best performance.

Rvstvdubs 2018-04-20

PAX 3 is my first vaporizer and a device that allowed me to seamlessly set smoking aside forever. Occasional yet the extremely annoying and distracting smoker’s cough which I’ve been experiencing for the last half year is gone and so is the mucus buildup in my throat. For this I am grateful and would like to thank the high quality vapor that PAX 3 consistently produces and for the way PAX 3 respectfully treats the herb you pack it with. I’d like to share some of my thoughts on this device right here with you fellow people. In my opinion the PAX 3 is, as advertised, a very smart vaporizer. It is simple to use and I find the four LED petals pleasing to look at. And those LEDs aren’t there just for show either; they noticeably aid user-device interactions without over-complicating anything. I also find that the heat up time on my PAX is often slightly quicker than what is stated by others which allows for seamless, care-free sessions. Packing the PAX is breeze and takes only a moment but make sure to pack it with something that’s worthy of the device ;) Another aspect of the PAX 3 which I appreciate is its discreetness. The minimalistic design of the PAX creates a stealthy aesthetic about which the people around you are mostly unaware. Vaping with a crowd nearby is no problem. Personally I am just an occasional vaper (10 minute sessions 2-4 times a week) and therefor I find the half oven lid very handy. You see, it doesn’t take a lot for me to get where I’m going :) All in all the PAX 3 is a beautifully designed and a carefully engineered machine that lets you get the most out of your botanicals. But there is one thing I do not believe it excels at. That thing is maintenance. It is harder and takes more time and plenty of finesse to clean the PAX properly than is often preached by others. If this is a device which you are thinking of spending a considerably amount of money then do keep this in mind. It’s an investment after all. A well-cared for product means a product that will last longer and work well even as it ages.

jeff 2018-04-04

Vaposhop: fast delivery and incognito packaging !! Pax 3 : Great product gets me higher than i tought i could be. A better and a longer high than smoking. Smaller than what i expected but its packs a punch. Easy to clean and good battery life. Overall a very happy customer!

Pablo 2018-03-24

Great product, love the taste and simplicity to use. Definietly worth the money. The service of the vaposhop is absoultely fabolous. I had some miner technical issues with using it for the first time, but those were linked to my inexperince in vaping. So Simon, one of the vaposhop guys, made a step by step e-mail for me how to use the device. Which is really simple in fact. So to conclude everything PAX3 is great choice but VAPOSHOP service is even better :)

Mike 2017-10-03

Great product so far.

Giulia 2017-07-08

Il pacco è arrivato in perfetto stato e puntualmente! Ottimo servizio, ho solo una nota stonata : il pax non funziona, dopo aver visto tre tutorial, averlo smontato e pulito (seppur nuovo) non vaporizza, a nessuna temperatura io lo imposti, pur mettendo poche foglie, o il quantitativo massimo (ho fatto vari esperimenti). Nulla, si scalda ma finisce lì. Oggi non si connette nemmeno all'app. Si accettano consigli. [VapoShop: Siamo spiacenti di leggere che il tuo PAX 3 non funziona come dovrebbe. Grazie per aver condiviso la tua esperienza, ma vorremmo risolvere il problema il prima possibile. Ti preghiamo di contattare il nostro servizio clienti per organizzare una restituzione/riparazione del dispositivo difettoso. Grazie.]

Davide 2017-06-30

Servizio vaposhop davvero fantastico che, nonostante il primo pacco sia stato perso durante la spedizione, me ne ha spedito subito un altro per di più con consegna in due giorni! Il vaporizzatore è piccolo, bello, comodo e molto facile da usare e in aggiunta l'app per controllare le sue funzioni con precisione. Per quelli che l'hanno valutato male consiglio prima di imparare ad usarlo. Come tutti i vaporizzer portatili scalda molto ma essendo così piccolo non ha un "punto cieco" che resta fresco. Per il resto fa il suo dovere ed è facilissimo pulirlo.

Smoker 2017-06-28

Worked perfectly for 2-3 weeks, then mysteriously stopped charging. Very disappointed. [Answer from VapoShop: We're sorry to hear you've experienced this problem with your PAX 3. In case you have not been in touch with our technical support yet, please contact us so we can arrange a repair/replacement.

Ivan 2017-05-13

Acquistato Pax3 Gold, ricevuto in meno di 1 settimana (Italia), il prodotto ha un design fantastico, fa quello che dice, l'unica pecca è che dopo circa 5 10 minuti inizia a scottare e non lo si può tenere in mano. Non so se sia difettoso il mio pax o sia normale, ma ho già inoltrato richiesta di assistenza.

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