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  • Paranoya: 2019-02-20 00:22:40
    Does only pax3 have the possibility of having extracts as well? By extracts. do you mean solid too? thanks
    Of the Pax branded Vaporizer only the Pax 3 complete Kit comes with the concentrate insert. It is possible to use solid concentrates in it although maybe a little bit more cleaning is required compared to concentrates in oil or wax form.
  • Marco: 2019-01-07 10:41:14
    Non so come devo fare per pulire il mio Pax3Nelle istruzioni non è illustrato o spiegato nulla.Questo è un problema per pax3.
    Per la corretta pulizia del Pax 3 può trovare tutte le informazioni necessarie in questo video:
  • LSW: 2019-01-01 21:23:21
    What does the 10 year warranty cover? I've heard that it doesnt cover faults with the concentrate adapter, which seems strange given that its an included component of the product. Is the concentrate adapter reliable or prone to defects?
    You can find the Terms of the warranty as well as everything that is covered here on the Website of the Manufacturer Pax Vapor: The concentrate Adapter itself / damage on the Pax 3 caused by it, is indeed not covered by the Manufacturers warranty. The concentrate Adapter is quite reliable as long as you follow the instructions provided by the Manufacturer and do regular maintenance (such as cleaning it and replacing consumables: /vaporizer_accessoires/vaporizer-parts/pax-3-concentrate-insert-lid-o-rings/ ).
  • Riccardo: 2018-12-20 20:19:50
    Hi, i want to know what's in the PAX 3 Complete Box (price 249€), that in the PAX 3 Standard Box(price 199€) there isn't. Thank you so much.
    In the Pax 3 complete Box are included accessories that you will not find in the standard Box. This elements are : the Half-pack oven lid, the Concentrate insert, 3 screens, 3 screens and the Protective pouch.
  • Mat: 2018-11-21 14:50:22
    Va bene anche per il tabacco? Nel caso la risposta sia no quale vaporizzatore mi consigliereste per il tabacco?
    Per vaporizzare tabacco e`necessario poter regolare il vaporizzatore tra i 125-150 gradi. La temperatura del PAX 3 e`regolabile tra i 180 -215 gradi per cui non e`possibile.
  • andreas: 2018-04-29 14:33:34
    hi there i have some questions about pax3!1. does the new pax 3 (250e) have 10 years warranty? 2. if i choose to buy one of your refurbised pax3 how many years it is going to have warranty?THANKS FOR YOUR TIME!
    1. Yes the new Pax 3 comes with a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty. 2. All our refurbished products have a warranty of one year.
  • Ηρόδοτο : 2018-06-02 19:36:40
    Hi I bought a pax 3 from it has 60 euros without the Bluetooth application and 75 euros if you wanted the Bluetooth app... I'm sure this is a clone for sure... I hope the application works cause In the reviews 2 Americans said that the application didn't work... The thing is that if the app doesn't work I'll probably get a full refund. What is your opinion?
    We strongly recommend only buying vaporizers - like the PAX 3 - from authorized resellers. This way you will make sure you are buying the real, high quality product instead of a counterfeit one.
  • Germano: 2018-07-30 11:53:19
    La batteria del PAX 3 è sostituibile? Se è sostituibile è una lavoro che può fare un utente finale oppure richiede attrezzature/competenze specialistiche?
    La batteria del Pax non e' purtroppo sostituibile.

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