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Felix 2017-11-08

Great value vape. Good design. The mouth piece gets hot only when the temp is 200+. My favrt. temp is 175-195, so no problem. Also I've found it's more economical if I mix my herb with damiana 50/50. Tried to vape rolling tobacco at 150, instant coughing, maybe I don't have the right sort of tobacco .

ricardo 2017-10-17

Not sure how other users are enjoying this , after the first drag, the mouthpiece becomes so hot that it actually becomes unusable . Foolish to touch it with your mouth. Waste of money

fabio 2017-09-16

I receved it in a few days...wonderful! I'm really happy because it's better than the other vaporized i used until today.... Excellent

THED 2017-08-11

Excellent vape for the price! Ofc the expensive ones will outperform this piece. But overall descreetness, feel, battery life and performance makes this vape perfect for on the go or at parties.

Vic 2017-07-17

I've used the Volcano Classic many times, but this is my first portable vaporizer. I am very pleased with this little thing, it is a great value for the price. Although I still prefer to smok my herbs, this is a really good alternative for a different buzz. It quite sleek(looks a lot better in real life than in the pictures imho), very stealthy so I do carry it and use it around town. Vaposhop's handling, postage and communication was superb, I am really happy with my first purchase from them.

Oliver 2017-05-01

I bought this as a backup to my Arizer Air. It has surprised me with its efficiency but comes nowhere near to the Air. It worths its price.

Konstantinos 2017-04-05

Overall is a good vaporizer. My only complaint is that my mouthpiece cracked after 1 month of occasional use. I wrote an email to vaposhop for a replacement mouthpiece and they send me a new improved one in the next days. I hope the new one will be more durable.. Thanks vaposhop. Great customer service.

Cian 2017-03-22

Excellent portable vape, heats up quick, decent battery life and great taste. However i have to question the build quality. After only 2 months the mouthpiece has cracked and chipped. It's still usable but i fear that the next chip that comes off it will render it unusable. I've looked online for spare mouthpieces (€15 each) but they are not in stock. It should be covered by the warranty but when i tried to contact boundless i got no reply. Quite disappointed as this was a fantastic vape apart from this.

Hietaz 2017-03-15

Compact and great product!

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