VapCap NonaVong (DynaVap) recensioni

Rob 2019-01-21
  • better airflow
  • doesn't get hot with repeated use
  • easier to roll
  • faster cooling time
  • slightly larger oven
  • more annoying to clean

I'd say an overall improvement to the M, worth the slight price increase. Only downsides are lighter weight (for me', it's a touch too light) and slight added difficulty in cleaning (can't really ISO soak wood). More pros than cons though, so I'd say it's worth it.

john 2018-01-03

Well, this is a very well made vap that's very good at its job. Its four stars for me cause of the clean and fantastic flavour it produces, the portability that is like nothing else, easy to clean, to fill and to empty it. in home you can use any lighter you have available, but outside its recommended to use a torch lighter and for good reason! My personal opinion is get the M that's half the price and just as good. nothing portable will give the performance of this vape at this price tag.

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