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Toke Along 2017-08-30

Regarding the screens: First of all the manual doesn't describe any usage if these screens. As FrostiFish points out, they dont really fit anywhere. Only place I found a fit is inside the top-part (mouth piece) recess. A sort of screen here is OK to hinder dust from being sucked up into the check-valve section (that - by the way - is totally irrelevant without the water attachment). Most vapes have a screen of sorts at this position, but personally I haven't found suck-ups to be a problem in this vape (probably because of the rather poor air-flow). As a positive to the negative, you simply cannot suck hard enough to hurl material along. If the screens could be fitted to the bottom of the chamber, they wouldn't prevent run-off anyway, maybe just postponing cleaning for a few bowls. Cleaning is PARAMOUNT in this vape !

FrostiFish 2017-08-27

I had the exact same problem as Toke Along had. It really sucks, because this vape is everything I ever wanted out of a vape, so this just really sucks. The included screens are too big to fit in the chambers, or any part of the vape for that matter, so they are basically useless. I'm going to contact flowermate to see if they are going to fix this problem, or if they have any solution for it.

Toke Along 2017-08-10

Super cool unit - though it gets rather hot after a while. - and with that said, all cons are covered :-) First a big shout-out to VapoShop. Fast delivery, good logistics, good prices, good packaging - as always.. Thumbs up to VapoShop :-) - EDIT: Read the DISCLAIMER at the end of this review – before buying ! __________ Regular Review: Let me tell you - this unit is totally awesome ! The look and feel is nothing short of fantastic - given you are a vaping-nerd like me B-) Unique in the market (as of 2017) - if you are into this kind of totally unashamed nerdyness of an electromechanical steam-generator - straight out of the space age. This is steam punk on cannabinoids B-) Absolutely nothing hidden away here. Stealth-factor = 0 Built and works like a tank - of the military kind ;-) Even the top turns glowing red like a lantern when it is fired up to battle condition ! Mount the water attachment and become a regular toking beacon, complete with the iconic gurgling sound of a mini-bong (with the added effect of a percussion plate inside for extra heads up) when you are ripping it to pieces B-) The signal is loud and clear: I'm a nerd - and I'm proud :-D So.. If you are into solid and sturdy design, good and precise fabrication, the heavy clunkyness of thick glass and stainless steel, big juicy batteries, buttons that goes click, parts that screws together with fine and precise threading and a thousand components to take apart for cleaning, inspection and replacement.. Look no further than this regular vaping machine. WARNING: With this freaking steam-saber straight out of Pot Wars, you instantly becomes the Toking Jedi with this thing fired up in your hand. Make sure not to swing it at people.. They might just get smoked :-D _________ Question for VapoShop: When will spareparts become available ? I would like to buy a couple of extra heating-chambers (for dry herb). _________ DISCLAIMER!! - possible deal breaker :-/ After some usage the heating chamber and the air-path gets dirty and gunked up with sticky residue and dust. Nothing unusual in that. All vapes takes a bit of maintenance at this point. I have primarily used the dry herb chamber and found that the air-path underneath the chamber gets restricted rather quickly. There is only 4 small (< 1 mm) holes for air intake, directly under the chamber. They start to get blocked after a few bowls (5-10) with noticeable decrease in air flow as a result. The space directly under the ceramic bowl (which in it self has a perfect size and an excellent finish) is very crammed. Still nothing too unusual. Vapes get dirty when you are baking heavily crystallized material. What is really problematic in this vape is that this chamber is next to IMPOSSIBLE TO CLEAN ! You should think it was easily serviceable when it can be taken apart to this degree. That is partially right, and a huge plus with this design. But.. ! Normally you would rinse with some ISO to flush out the gunk and dry for a couple of hours. If you take the time to read the user manual, you will (maybe) notice that it states, rather discretely, that the chambers may NOT be submerged in solvents. Fair enough - even though this would be the natural way to clean this part (like the mouthpiece, glass etc.). Therefore I first tried to stand the chamber on end, in a small vessel with enough ISO to cover up the bottom part (with threading and the blocked air holes). Worked fine - apparently. After a bit of blowing out, the part was clean again and ready for service – after an appropriate period of drying - naturally. Here the problem starts. As soon as the chamber is fired up to temperature it starts OOZING WITH ALCOHOL ! What apparently happens is, that the insulation material around the chamber (with the color shifting outer shell) becomes totally soaked (like a sponge) with ISO during cleaning. Even though the unit itself seemed dry and odorless, the application of heat makes it literally (and audibly) BOIL with alcohol. Unaware of this hidden secret, I started out with a full bowl of herbs, and 'enjoyed' a good lung hit of ISO-vapors - on the first draw.. Very unpleasant I can tell you! Totally baffled about what was happening, I nipped another couple of very harsh mouth-draws afterwards, to investigate the problem. At first I thought something was totally absurd with my herb. Now I saw that the inside of the class chamber was fogging up and running with condensate - of alcohol ! It took 3-4 days and a full battery of dry-firings to boil of the solvent locked up in the chamber ! OK I thought.. Lesson learned. DO NOT IMMERSE THE CHAMBER (in ISO) - to any degree ! At the next cleaning, I was very careful not to get any excessive amount of rubbing alcohol near the isolation. I carefully dripped the solvent into the chamber, to rinse out the air-path underneath and carefully blew it all out. After drying a few hours all seemed clean and nice. On first firing afterwards, the exact same problem showed up. The glass totally RUNNING WITH ALCOHOL on the inside ! Had I put a match to the top, it would have burned like a torch ! Now I have spent another full battery in boiling of the 'spirits', to be able to use the device again. This is totally unacceptable. Had I known this beforehand I wouldn't have bought the vape ! It's an issue that the air-path gets so easily gunked up. A minor design flaw that calls for frequent cleaning. Being a nerd in the first place, this is not a huge problem. I like taking things apart for service. Being able to get to the bottom of the chamber (for cleaning), without taking the entire vape apart, I saw as a huge benefit. But the fact that the chamber cannot be cleaned using any kind of liquid solvent is a TOTAL NO-GO ! This is so sad :-/ I totally love the concept of this vape, and it hits so good. But if it cannot be cleaned without totally ruining the central part the device – the heating chamber, it becomes UNUSEABLE after the first 10 bowls !! :-( Flowermate really have to address this major problem (with a redesigned chamber) – or pull back the device from the market ! [Answer from VapoShop: Thank you for your in-depth and helpful review! Regarding the herb chamber and cleaning, did you use the included screens on the bottom of the herb chamber? This should greatly reduce the chance of small particles clogging up the bottom of your chamber.

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