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Edgar 2016-11-09

Keep in mind that this was my first experience with a vaporizer, but nonetheless I've done my research all over the web. My experience with this was not as pleasant as I thought it would be. From the start I didn't know how to properly vape/inhale, after some research I found out tips and have followed them all. Really all of them. Still I've achieved little to no vapor on exhaling. The battery was too small for my needs as I intended it to be more for dry herbs and because it has a 10 sec heat up time (It's true) it uses way too much juice for the little dry herb tank it has. I'm not saying this is a bad unit, maybe it had some malfunction with it's heating element, but it's an excellent device for people who want 3 in 1. dry herbs, oils, and e-juice (which was the best option in terms of quality).

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