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Sunyata 2019-01-03
  • Comfortable
  • Strong effect

I like the effect but the cloud experience is a vape experience, not much cloud and sometimes it seem uncomfortable to inhale. But the effect is strong, so in the end this is the best vape for me in the market now. No comparison to battery vapes. So yes I would advise it if you like to vape. It is well made. If I could give a suggestion for the next model I would enhance the understanding of when to inhale and when the vaping should stop. But seriously, with this vape standard, immagine the next models, I have no doubt that smoking is history for me. I have other things to say but I'll stop. Ciao 🖐️

m 2018-04-20

Vapore eccezionale a livello aromatico,manutenzione e pulizia pressoche' nulli,dopo 1 mese di utilizzo molto soddisfatto.

john 2018-01-03

Thank you VapoShop!! what a vape.. solid performer for one or many ppl.. look no further at this price!

jelle 2017-09-04

this is my favorite vaporizer by far. its very simple to use,the quality and taste of the vapor is exelent. i would recommend this product to everyone, probably the best vaporizer in this pricerange.

Haze-l-nut 2017-08-08

Very easy to fill, clean and overall to use. Provides very rich and flavourful vapor without any resistance when inhaling. Heats up in about 2 minutes and holds the temperature quite nicely. The chamber is large enough to satisfy even daily smokers. Only downside is that the temp dial does not directly correlate to the temperature, so you have to try it out and play around a bit. All in all, I am very pleased and use it almost daily.

Francesco 2017-08-02

Simply amazing. The airflow is unreal, as much as the effect it gives. Thanks Vaposhop for another fantastic and hassle-free transaction.

Mika 2016-06-17

Very good and heavy hitting vaporizer, u realy get plenty vapor! I prefer use it with bubbler for much smoother hits. Price and quality is also very good!

Leo 2012-11-18

Solid vaporizer that produces thick fat vapes. Big wide and flat chamber for plenty of airflow surface. If you are looking for an easy without glass plug and play tool then this could be your thing.

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