Arizer Air - guaina in silicone

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Arizer Air - guaina in silicone

Una guaina in silicone colorato per l'Arizer Air, per proteggere il tuo prezioso vaporizzatore e migliorare la sua durabilità. Per non parlare dei vari colori per personalizzare il tuo vaporizzatore.

Arizer Air - guaina in silicone recensioni

Tim 2018-01-30

Bought it with my Air. Started using the Air with the skin. After a few sessions over 2 weeks I decided to try the Air without the skin. Its been over a year and I haven't put it back on. I think the heat disperses better without a skin. The air vents also help with your grip on the Air. It might be a quality product, but I wouldn't recommend getting it.

Constant 2017-01-10

It fits great,it feels great when holding it, a must have for the Arizer Air...The white included in the box is nice but i chose black when leaving home to be more stealthy. One downside only, a small one, you need to unposition it in order to change the battery, but that does not stopping me for having it on always.

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Arizer Air - guaina in silicone Domande

  • Tomasz : 2018-04-07 12:37:06
    is it ok for Air II ?
    No, it is only compatible with the Airzer Air
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