Flowermate AURA recensioni

  • ollier:
    extrêmement déçu. Pas de vapeur pas de tirage. et le bouquet c'est qu'il ne marche plus au bout de deux jours. C'est de la grosse merde

    Dear Ollier, We're sorry that you're not happy with your vaporizer. Please remember that we have a 30-day return policy. Our Customer Care will contact you and we'll be happy to replace it!
  • andi:
    müll... es kommt überhaupt kein dampf nur etwas warme luft...und die Brennkammer ist sehr klein.
    man kann sich sein Geld wirklich sparren wenn man diesen vapo nicht kauft...
    ich bin sehr entäscht )-:
  • Stef:
    Great if you want to explore the several possibilities of vaping herbs, and have no previous experience of vaping. I came across this vaporizer as a cheap trial option (that was my intention). First I was disappointed in the effects and the lack of vapour while exhaling. This was mostly because I stuck to a low temperature (180-200c according to Google, which I found to be too low). After increasing the temperature I was able to get the proper anticipated experience, with visible vapour, so my opinion about this particular product completely changed. Now I highly recommend this to everyone, especially beginners and price sensitive people.

    Few tips:
    - Long press power button for temporary on/off
    - Heat it up several times to get rid of the possible side tastes
    - Preferably use without the metal capsule (but remember to put the small filter on the bottom)
    - Remember to wash mouthpiece to not clog the air flow

  • Jacob:
    This is my first vaporizer and I am very content with its performance after the first usage.
    I bought because I wanted to quit smoking (herbes and tobacco) and the Aura's price is quite fair.

    After you turn it on (when it's filled), you can pretty quickly see a little bit of vapor coming out of it. The taste is ok (no comparison) and really smooth in my opinion.

    If you are looking for a beginner's vape then go for it!
  • Jo:
    Slechte plastic smaak, bijna geen damp, wordt heet aan de lippen en het shutdown system is inderdaad vreselijk irritant. Denk dat ik hem nog geen 5 keer heb gebruikt en dat het daar bij blijft. Voorlopig maar sparen voor een Volcano.
  • Susanna:
    I've really tried everything. Every temperature. Every kind of material to smoke. Made it fine. Put a lot into the capsule. Put less into the capsule. Put very little into the capsule. Made it full. Made it 3/4 full. Made it 1/2 full. I pulled slowly. I pulled hard. I pulled soft. Whatever you can imaginde, but there was NO STEAM at all coming out of the Flowermate AURA. It was completely new, bought from Vaposhop. I had no time back then to take care of this, so I just packed it away.
  • corey:
    Best vape for use with bing. Did replace top screen with common screen. Helped improve air flow.
  • uniquelepseudo:
    je l'ai depuis 2semaines pratique..plus looké clope électronique une pointe de mente avec votre herbe tu fume en public sans aucune question.. autonomie (6ou7 clope) par contre trop de tirage j ais scotché les entrées d'air car autrement une charge =une bouffée certes très bonne mais jai besoin que ça dure plus (ancien fumeur) ...facile
    pratique le plus facile a mettre en poche mais j ai déjà péter et réparer l'embout(la partie plastique ou le métal s'emboite ) juste en l’utilisant sans maltraitement pour une foie donc la solidité on verra....
  • Marco:
    Da non acquistare.
    Piuttosto meglio pensare di spendere qualche cosa in più e regalarsi un volcano classic.
  • Peter:
    * easy to use
    * battery big enough for 3 to 4 sessions
    * when using the steel capsules for your herbs very easy to clean (they are easy to fill with the grinder)
    * heats up quite fast

    * the airflow is quite bad - even if you don't use the capsules.
    * the mouthpiece did break after a while, just ordered some new ones

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