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Nick 2018-05-08

i have already Flowermate V5.0S Pro and now i own Flowermate AURA best value ever !

Stef 2017-06-13

Great if you want to explore the several possibilities of vaping herbs, and have no previous experience of vaping. I came across this vaporizer as a cheap trial option (that was my intention). First I was disappointed in the effects and the lack of vapour while exhaling. This was mostly because I stuck to a low temperature (180-200c according to Google, which I found to be too low). After increasing the temperature I was able to get the proper anticipated experience, with visible vapour, so my opinion about this particular product completely changed. Now I highly recommend this to everyone, especially beginners and price sensitive people. Few tips: - Long press power button for temporary on/off - Heat it up several times to get rid of the possible side tastes - Preferably use without the metal capsule (but remember to put the small filter on the bottom) - Remember to wash mouthpiece to not clog the air flow

Jacob 2017-01-03

This is my first vaporizer and I am very content with its performance after the first usage. I bought because I wanted to quit smoking (herbes and tobacco) and the Aura's price is quite fair. After you turn it on (when it's filled), you can pretty quickly see a little bit of vapor coming out of it. The taste is ok (no comparison) and really smooth in my opinion. If you are looking for a beginner's vape then go for it!

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