Crafty (Nuova versione)

Crafty è il più piccolo vaporizzatore prodotto dalla Storz & Bickel (la ditta che ci ha portato il Volcano). Prodotto in Germania, il Crafty è stato ideato per offrirti la massima funzionalità e durabilità.


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Crafty (Nuova versione)

Modello NUOVO: Questa è l'ultima versione (2017/V2), caratterizzato da una batteria con il 20% di potenza in più rispetto alla versione V1.

Crafty è il più piccolo vaporizzatore prodotto dalla Storz & Bickel (la ditta che ci ha portato il Volcano).

Con un controllo preciso della temperatura, una modalità di vibrazione, una camera di riempimento efficiente e ingegnosa, e l'opzione di connettere il vaporizzatore ad un app attraverso il tuo smartphone, il Crafty si distingue dal resto dei prodotti sul mercato. La batteria agli ioni di litio, incorporata nel dispositivo, dura circa 1.5 ore di uso continuo e viene ricaricata tramite un cavo micro-USB. La funzione di auto spegnimento aiuta a conservare la carica della batteria. Lo status del vaporizzatore viene segnalato tramite la luce LED (che cambia colore) e la vibrazione.

Temperatura prefissata e booster

La temperatura standard è configurata a 180°C, fornendoti un vapore denso e saporito. Premendo il pulsante due volte, si attiverà la temperatura booster di 195°C. Tutte e due le temperature possono essere regolate tramite l'app gratuito da scaricare sul tuo smartphone.

L'app smartphone

Il Crafty è il primo vaporizzatore ad avere la particolarità di un app che funziona da telecomando. Questo app gratuito è disponibile per iPhone e Android, e usa una connessione bluetooth per comunicare con il vaporizzatore. La funzione principale di questo app è di offrire la libertà di scegliere l'impostazione della temperatura. Altre opzioni includono la configurazione della luminosità del LED, l'attivazione del segnale di vibrazione e la lettura del tempo di funzionamento complessivo.

Qualità di produzione

Prodotto in Germania, il Crafty è stato ideato per essere durevole. Le parti che richiedono una pulizia regolare, come il braciere e il bocchino, sono facili da smontare. Tutte le componenti sono realizzate in materiali di alta qualità, di grado alimentare. Come per gli altri prodotti Storz e Bickel, questo vaporizzatore è stato progettato secondo i principi della funzionalità, quindi anche gli accessori rispecchiano questa qualità.

Tampone per liquidi e concentrati.

Con il tampone per liquidi in acciaio inox, il Crafty può essere usato per vaporizzare oli e concentrati. È ovviamente possibile usare il dispositivo anche per erbe essiccate.

Incluso nella confezione

  • 1 Vaporizzatore Crafty (l'ultima versione 2017 V2, caratterizzato del 20% di potenza della batteria in più)
  • 1 Alimentatore a cavo USB
  • 1 Tampone per liquidi
  • 3 Reti di ricambio
  • 1 Spazzolino per la pulizia
  • 1 Capsula dosaggio
  • 1 Grinder per erbe
  • 1 Attrezzo di riempimento
  • 1 Set di Ricambio Anelli di Tenuta
  • 1 Manuale d'uso
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Dati tecnici

  • Marca: Storz & Bickel
  • Spegnimento automatico:
  • Portatile / Da tavolo: Portatile
  • Materiale vaporizzabile: Erba e oli
  • Metodo di inalazione: Inalazione diretta
  • Tempo di riscaldamento: 1-3 minuti
  • Temperatura regolabile:


  • Paul Mertens:

    The only things I don't like about the Crafty are the way it looks, which is a bit industrial, and it's price, which is on the high side considering it's 2-year warranty. However, it is a spectacular portable vaporizer. The quality of the vapor is great; I also own a Volcano but the vapor from the Crafty is almost as tasty and smooth, and actually I feel the vapor from the Crafty might be more potent! Although it doesn't look great, the design is very good. It is small, sturdy feeling and very easy to operate. Before I bought it, I was skeptical about using a smartphone app to set the options on the device, but actually it's perfect! Setting the temperature is easy (and you only have to do it once). The app gives you immediate information on temperature and battery life. You can also set a number of other handy features, such as whether you want the Crafty to vibrate when it's ready, or whether you want the crafty to 'call' your phone when it's ready; both functions are quite handy :) The vibration is super handy to alert you to when the temperature is right. The LED gives you a lot of info on whether the temperature is right, whether it's heating, whether it's boosting, how fully it is charged. Etc. It comes with a handy filling aid as well. You can keep some ground herbs in the filling aid to take with you, and you can then just screw on the filling aid and fill the chamber without spilling. Very handy. An expensive but clearly very well designed and functioning vaporizer. I'm very satisfied!

  • Jack:

    I initially bought the Firefly, but wasn't really satisfied with the results I was getting with it. Luckily I decided to trade it in for one of these beauties. The Crafty really is a great device with many features which make it stand out for me. The lights on the front provide you with a lot of useful information about the vaporizer, for example turning green when you can draw and flashing when the battery is low. The Crafty also vibrates when it is ready, which is extremely useful for me as I would often forget about it since it takes about 2 mins to heat up. It also has an app you can download through Google Play, which let's you control every little detail about your Crafty, like the set temperature, the boost temperature (you can engage a boost temp to finish off the bowl by pressing the button twice) and the brightness of the lights. You can even set your phone to play a sound when your Crafty is ready! The vapor quality is also great and it is very efficient, with very little maintenance. It roasts the herbs evenly every time and I haven't had a bad draw from it to date. Overall I have to say this is really worth spending the extra money on, if you want an extremely well built, high-quality vape that is very easy to use. 10/10

  • Thomas:

    I got the Ascent first and even if it is a device with many good ideas, I never got satisfied with it. Sure it has a glass path, but it also has a silicone sealing, that was constantly gassing off in all three devices I had - even after doing many burn ins without any load. In addition, manufacturing was poor at two of the devices (uneven aligned elements, chamber not closing completely etc). I also doubt that the temperature the Ascent shows is even near the real temperature... Luckily Vaposhop refunded these devices, what enabled me to get the Crafty. The Crafty is a little more expensive, thats true. But it is a real high quality product. Everthing fits tight and neat. When heating it up, the LEDs and a vibration will alert you that it finished and once it did, you can get instant dense and huge clouds. I feel like it produces way more vapor with it's small herb chamber (~0.2 - 0.3g of herbs fit in there) than the Ascent with it's huge chamber (more than 0.5g). With the Ascent I had the constant feeling of wasting my herbs, the Crafty in contrast gives me the feeling that my herbs last much longer than before. The Vapor the Crafty produces is cool and tasty and dense for many hits. The herbs are roasted very evenly, without any stirring. The battery is kind of separated from the hotter parts, which may turn out as a great benefit when regarding it's lifetime. Battery will only last for 45min but as it has an USB loading port, you can easily recharge it with portable USB battery packs (with 22400mAh you should be able to recharge it 5 or 6 times). The app is a great tool, too. It always shows you the real temperature and allows you to program a new standard and booster temp. If you press the power button short, you can even use the app without heating the device up and it will show you the exact room temperature what makes me confident, that the temperature shown is the real temperature of the bowl. I personally believe, that the battery will last longer than the 45mins propagated in many forums. I was using it a lot know and it never got completely empty before I found the time to recharge. But on the road it may be a good idea to carry a battery pack with you. I also forgot to talk about the filling aid, which is really cool. You can refill the device anywhere without messing around with your herbs.

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  • Daniel: 2015-07-14 16:04:41
    Hi, I am thinking about buying this vaporizer, but I have one question - can it be used while charging like arizer solo?
    Yes, the Crafty can be used while charging.
  • Alexis Gypas : 2015-01-05 22:15:16
    Does the temperature application works with a new windows phone??
    At this moment, the Crafty app only works on Android/iPhone smart phones.
  • Klemen: 2014-12-07 02:45:42
    I cannot connect it with my android phone since lolipop came out. When you will fix bluetooth bugs?
    Unfortunately this is a known bug. Storz & Bickel have assured us they are working on this, please keep an eye on their website to download the update once is becomes available.
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