AirVape Xs + Guscio Xs in omaggio recensioni

  • simone:
    Airvape is my first vape so i can't make a comparison between this and other vapes. Anyway, i find it really good, it fits all my wants with all his features. Well, it has all: full adjustable temp, convection and conduction together, usb charger, glass mouthpiece, very small to keep in the pocket. Easy to clean, good vapor volume and flavor even if after long puff it becomes quite hot. The only lack is the battery wich has short life.. but you just had to charge it one or two time more than other vapes which is not a problem if you have a powerbank. Fast charge and reach the temp in 30 second, you can use it while charging but it's not recommended. It spread some scent but with the Shield you will not have any problem about it. There is available also a wax cup and a bubbler attachment, which is not so common even if you have to buy it separately. The service of vaposhop is perfect: shipping in the expected time, perfect packaging and customer service gently and helpful.
  • 420fairy:
    I ordered it as my first vaporiser, I'm super happy with it, reaches temperature super fast and the flavour is awesome. I wish the battery lasted more, but I always bring a power bank with me so no big deal. Other than that it's a 10/10
  • Bora:
    All together very coexistent and fast
  • Elizabeth M:
    This is an AMAZING vaporizer and I absolutely LOVE its sleek and sturdy design. Outstanding performance and very easy to clean unlike many other vapes on the market. It's great tasting, hits smooth and heats up very fast. It comes with the cleaning accessories and a leather protecting case too, which is perfect for when I'm out and about to keep it safe and protected in my purse. Very much worth the value and I recommend this vape to everyone that I know!! LOVE LOVE LOVE this vape!!! 5 stars!
  • Sebastian :
    This reminds me of the storm. It heats up very fast but vapor quality is below average. IMO its not a portable because you ll lose the mouthpiece if you put it in your pocket. I ll send it back...

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