Arizer Air/Solo boccaglio nero

Questo stelo (o boccaglio) per l'Arizer Solo e Arizer Air `e realizzato in vetro nero.

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Arizer Air/Solo boccaglio nero $ 24,60

Short (66 mm) × 1

Totale: $ 24,60

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  • Constant:

    I have both the long and the short one...I would give a 5 star rating but i didnt because of the finishing of the stems...nothing that a few minutes and some sandpapers cant fix but i would prefer them to be crafted with more care...other than that they offer a different experience as with all the stems i have tried and most of all the black color is genious because you cant see the dirt that assemples...and they are more stealthy for when outside...but i also use them in home more often than the clear glass stems that came with the arizer...i definitely recommend them...!!

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